Tournament Rules and Regulations

1. All team members (including subs) must join the Polar Ace Discord:

2. Each Team must select a Captain. This person should be explicitly outlined in their Discord Name Tag.

3. Teams are allowed 3 subs in case a member of the team cannot make a match. Only registered team members or subs can participate.

4. Failure to schedule/attend a match, or playing with non-registered players, will result in an automatic disqualification.

5. Registration closes at 11:59EST on the 25th of January, 2019. All submissions submitted later than the provided date will be disregarded.

6. The first round of the bracket will be announced shortly after the Registration closes.

7. Please follow all moderators and organizers rules and instruction to ensure the tournament runs smoothly.

8. Excessive toxicity will not be tolerated.

Tournament Structure

1. Games will be played in GEM GRAB game mode.

2. Each bracket will be a Best of 3.

3. This is a single elimination, winner take all, tournament.

4. After the bracket has been posted, Teams will have 24 hours to coordinate and schedule a match time with each other and play.

5. At the end of each game, Team Captains are required to post a Screenshot of the results screen in the designated Polar Ace Channel. If a Team Captain fails to share the results screen, we will assume the match was not played, and the team will be disqualified.

6. If you are having an issues contacting opposing Team Captains to schedule a match time, please contact a Moderator.

7. The Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Finals will all be streamed on The dates and times of these games will be announced after Registration closes.


To determine first-round seeding